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Reviews from 2013/2014



Dear Jonathan and Janet,

 Your visit to our growing church called “Desert Streams” was such a blessing!

As a matter of fact, it sparked me to write a poem about it!

My short greeting with you both didnt allow me the time to tell you that I , myself am a creative writer with a gift for poetry also.

        The poem I wrote about your visit was one of the easier topics and flowed easily enough.  I hope you both enjoy it, share it, sell copies, 5 cents a pop! (Just Joking)

 Sincerely,David C. Sitzman,20152 N Golden Barrel Drive, Surprise, TX, 85374, April 09, 2014

“The Day They Played”

One day they came –

With their presence & their grace –

Taking just a minor break –

Of their weeks hectic “ Rat Race”! 

With a voice so pure –

And hands which tickled the keys,

They preached a musical sermon –

That put us all at ease! 

And that sound she produced –

All coming from her reed,

Proclaiming our Lord has risen –

He has risen Lord indeed! 

So with instruments by their side –

And a sermon yet to preach,

Their message could go global –

Even those who are hardest to reach! 

So to you both, we offer thanks –

For showing us the way,

That our dear Lord performed such miracles –

Throughout each and every day!



Dear Jonathan & Janet,  Your  presence and presentation were a great blessings to Burlington United Methodist Church. It was a great revival for the church as it affirmed what I have been encouraging members about a relationship with Jesus as faithful disciples.  I was enriched by your presentation of the gospel from a different approach to get the message across. I  walked into the office this morning and two ladies praised the whole program and how wonderful it was.  As I shared with you yesterday many people came up to me wondering whether you will come back. Thanks for the opportunity of great fellowship and will be more than willing to help make your future visits to Wisconsin welcoming and a blessing.  Peace, Ebenezer Insor, Burlington UMC, Burlington, WI June 14,15, 2014


Jonathan, Many thanks for the beautiful gift you brought to us.  Warm Christmas blessings to you, Jan, and Dollie, and safe journeys. David Hardy, Living Grace Lutheran Church, Tucker, GA Friday December 6, 2013.
Hi Jonathan,  It was really a delight having you with us last week.  The “crowd” really enjoyed the music and the presentation.  We wish you well as you, Janet, and Dollie spread the Good News across the country. Shalom, Carol Helton Cliftondale UMC, College Park GA  Thursday December 5, 2013


Jonathan,  We enjoyed and were blessed tremendously by your presence and sharing here at Midway.  Folks especially loved your voice and your humor and Janet’s horn.  If you are through this way again, we would love to have you back.  I know all the folks who were here would come again and bring a friend with them. Thanks for helping us have a good Christmas this year. David Moore Pastor, Midway UMC Wednesday December 4, 2013.


Jonathan, Janet, and Dollie,  Thank you so much for coming all the way to Trion to present Spirited Christmas! What a blessing your music and stories were to us in preparing for Christmas. We are most grateful to you for coming to northwest Georgia to share your music, witness, and spirit with us. May God bless you and your this Advent and Christmas seasons.  In Christ, Jennie Andone, Trion UMC, Tuesday December 3, 2013


Jonathan & Janet,  Kudos to an evening of 1st class entertainment!  Everyone enjoyed it immensely!  Jonathan’s keyboard & vocal skills along with the expertise of Janet’s magic fingers on her WX-5 Wind Machine blew me away!  Very professional and down-to-earth people to work with and I hope we have an opportunity to have them back again!  Coleen, Good Shepherd UMC  Fort Wayne, IN Friday, November 22, 2013


We truly enjoyed our evening with you, Jonathan, and Janet and Dollie.  The music was wonderful and stories were so relatable.  You have such a down-to-earth manner in your story-telling that brings us into the stories and made me feel as though we were there with you!
Kathy and Ron VanLente are delightful folks and I’m sure their church is in for such a treat!  Send them my best!
Let me know how we can schedule you to come for a Sunday morning in the future.
Blessings, Jean Smith, Lake City UMC, Friday August 16, 2013